Read the Bible in 2016

Sunday we’re kicking off a new preaching series at Renew Communities called Who You’re Called to Be. The first line describing the series is this…

You matter to God. Who you are, what you do and who you are becoming are all very important to the God of the universe and He is calling you to the next steps in following Him every single day.

One of the greatest ways God can shape you, fuel you with motivation and give you direction in moments of trouble or trial is by regularly pursuing Him by reading the Bible. This isn’t always easy but it’s definitely worth the effort.

The question I get most about the Bible is “where should I start?” so I wanted to share a few places that will help you get started!

The Bible Project
This plan takes you through the entire bible in one year. The whole Bible is divided up into sixteen “chapters” and organized in semi-chronological order. You’ll read two or three chapters a day. There’s also one Psalm listed each day for you to slowly pray through, making its words your own.  The best part of The Bible Project is their Videos. When you come to a new biblical book there will be a a short animated video on the bible project website about that book’s design and message and what to look for as you read. You can also sign up to have those videos emailed to your inbox.

YouVersion’s Bible Reading Plans
YouVersion has apps for every smartphone and tablet that makes reading through the Bible easy wherever you are. You can find Bible in One Year plans or Partial Plans as well. You can highlight and take notes that you can access anywhere as well.

Daily Audio Bible
This podcast is put together so you can LISTEN to the One Year Bible. This is great for you if you have a hard time focusing when you read and would like someone to read along with you, don’t enjoy reading or on the days when you can’t get your reading in. The Daily Audio Bible  is delivered daily via podcast and is a great way to take in the whole Bible in one year.

If none of these plans work for you Justin Taylor has a TON of other options along with a lot of resources to help you understand the Bible over at his blog too.


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