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Today begins Lent which can be a very important part of a Christian’s life. For many evangelicals Lent has been avoided out of fear of religious ritualism and for those who want to re-embrace Lent it can be a difficult journey.

I found a few articles that I recently posted on Twitter that I thought were helpful in navigating the season that I highly recommend (one has a brilliant sermon you can watch embedded).  

I didn’t ask you to give up coffee – I asked you to surrender your life.” Eugene Cho
Let [the fast] call the bluff of all the false saviors in your life.” Petey Crowder 
Lent is only “gloomy” if you think that being reconciled to God is “gloomy.” It’s only “gloomy” if you think that we are so wonderful that reconciliation didn’t cost God all that much.” Eric Metaxas

Renew Communities is offering special scripture & prayer gatherings Monday, Wednesday, Friday at St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Berea. The church opens at 6:45a, we’ll start reading at 7:00a and be done by around 7:20a. You can get more details here or get the daily readings at http://renewdailytexts.tumblr.com/

Also, if you are looking for Bible Reading Plans for the season you can find a few great one’s through YouVersion.


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