Top 7 of ’07 :: Blogs

Final category for the Top 7 deal is Blogs. I read a ridiculous amount of blogs every day and thanks to google reader I can do it in record time. Here are the top 7 I’ve found this year (I think) and some links to favorites at the end.

I Wonder as I Wander
:: Erinn Caley
Erinn recently moved her blog from Xanga to Blogger and the change is nice. If you visit with frequency you’ll be introduced to Erinn’s teaching experience, thoughts, feelings, creative writing and articles that she’s reading. There’s an honesty here that makes you feel like you’re friends even if you haven’t talked to her before (or in about five years… which I haven’t). Good reading.

I Want Everything You’ve Got :: Jason Mitchell
Jason’s a youth pastor at LCBC in Lancaster, PA and a kindred spirit. We met a couple years back when I interviewed for a job and hit it off quick. Earlier this year we happened to be in the same Q&A at Catalyst so naturally I googled him and have been reading his blog ever since. He’s smart, firery and funny.

Crowded Lines :: Petey Crowder
Petey and I became fast friends through George Fox Evangelical Seminary. I love Petey and his passion for Jesus, his wife, his daughter, OSU (sorry everyone that’s Oregon State) and becoming the best at all he can be. He writes with such passion and urgency you might just find yourself getting fired up.

Ragamuffin Soul :: Carlos Whitiker
No idea how I ran into Carlos but I’m glad I do. This guy blogs so many times a day and it’s always good stuff. Topics range from ministry, to family, to music, to life. You may have seen ‘Los on LA Ink or if you go to a conference at North Pointe he’ll probably be there.

The Big Lead :: Some Guys…
There are apparently a TON of sports blogs out there but this one got in a fight with ESPN radio personality Collin Cowherd. Every day there are a bunch of posts about breaking news, interesting stories and tons of links. It’s a great if you’re into sports.

In His Big Grip :: John Alan Turner
I think I’ve linked to John’s blog as a best of before but I can’t remember. John’s a teaching pastor and author from the Atlanta area who posts a bunch from what he’s writing, reading or preaching. Very thought provoking and honest. More than that John’s a been an encouragement in the roughest of times. Read his blog and buy his books.

The Good City :: Some Guys in Fort Wayne
This blog comes from guys living in downtown Fort Wayne who are passionate about seeing the church become active in the city. They often link to good stuff for people who are passionate about the gospel at work in city centers.

Other Faves…
A Life of Perpetual Transition :: Cathi Stegall
Just Between Us :: Beth Waterman
Love in the Key of Longbrake :: *theLongbrake
Mark Stegall
We Are the Manleys :: Brian & Leah Manley

5 Comments Add yours

  1. curtisryan says:

    I could only hope and pray that the top 8 of ’08 blogs will include the Memoirs @ =)

  2. Erinn says:

    I’m honored. Also, I am inspired. Probably I will need to make a list myself here in a day or two.

  3. quid pro quo, my friend, quid pro quo! 🙂

  4. Jon Swerens says:

    You are very kind. Thank you.

    One of the guys in Fort Wayne,
    The Good City

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